Hermes Clic H Bracelets

Now, I know that there are two-color Hermes Clic H Bracelets Replica launched last year in my collection. I think Hermes can finally be used because all the pure colors are already in my collection. With this new Hermes Rainbow Clic Clac and Clic H, the enamel is not only available in two tones, but also in multiple colors on a bracelet. Plus the "H" buckle at the top is also orange enamel, instead of pure gold, silver or rose gold options. The limited edition Clic comes with a white enamel "H" closure and a black enamel "H" closure, but so far there is no orange closure! Another rainbow color method also has a blue "H" enamel closure, which is very suitable for the blue rainbow Clic bracelet.

I have only seen this bracelet with two color options, the classic Hermes Repllica and the blue with shades of blue. Of course I chose the classic Hermès orange, because most of my Hermès collections are planned around the iconic sex mars color. Rainbow Clic Clac is available in PM and GM sizes, and comes with gold or palladium, as well as Clic Clac or Clic H narrow sizes, so every collector can add these limited edition products to their chimney. The price of Rainbow Clic H bracelet is $700, and the price of Rainbow Clic Clac is $770. These are very limited versions and are highly sought after. I have called my SA to find this bracelet, no one can find it, so I am glad I bought it when I saw it online, so I don't have to worry about losing it. Two days ago, I visited the Hermes Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills, California, but they did not have any products available.

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